Fulcrum Shortlisted for “Top 10 AI Solution Provider” For Second Year in a Row

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For the second year in a row, Education Technology Insights has shortlisted Fulcrum Labs as one of its “Top 10 AI Solution Providers”. This recognition underscores Fulcrum’s leadership role in developing Adaptive Learning 3.0 – AI-powered technology for the corporate training and education markets.


“Adaptive learning is all about mimicking the human one-to-one learning experience and we’re one of the few companies on the market that’s using AI to accomplish this,” said Patrick Weir, CEO of Fulcrum Labs. “As a result, our platform not only delivers on the little intricacies that make one-on-one learning so effective, but it does so in such a way that the platform actually gets more intelligent with each learner interaction.”


By incorporating AI and machine learning into its technology, Fulcrum’s platform is able to:

  • Deliver complex, real-time adaptations based on learner performance and also their behavior
  • Provide learners with adaptive, personalized guides to self-remediate their knowledge and confidence gaps
  • Predict learning outcomes and future learner behavior (including learner retention, engagement and application of learning on certification exams and in the real world)
  • Verify application-level mastery of skills and knowledge
  • Boost learner confidence in their skills and knowledge Reduce learning times as learners go at their own pace
  • Fine tune content for maximum efficacy
  • Improve the overall learning experience and learner satisfaction, helping to foster a positive culture of learning

It’s also able to overcome some of the traditional challenges that have plagued previous eras of adaptive learning, such as:

Want to learn more about how Fulcrum Labs is leading the Adaptive 3.0 charge and see why we were shortlisted as a “Top 10 AI Solution Provider” for two years running? Or see some of the other awards we’ve been nominated for and won? Check out our latest article in Training Industry to read about the past, present and future of adaptive learning (hint: it’s AI). Then let’s schedule some time for a quick demo of the Fulcrum platform. We’ll walk you through how our AI and machine learning algorithms operate to make learning more efficient, effective, and even “lovable” (well…according to learners using our platform, that is).


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