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Pre and Post-Test Scores Demonstrate Efficacy of Fulcrum’s Adaptive 3.0 Learning Platform

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We talk a lot about what Adaptive 3.0 is – how it works, how it overcomes traditional challenges of adaptive learning, the predictive data it provides. But what do all these benefits look like in the real world? How are organizations applying Adaptive 3.0 technology to improve the learning outcomes of their programs?

To answer this question, we thought we would share some of the learning outcomes that our clients are experiencing from our Adaptive 3.0 platform. Check out the results from just one of our clients below:


The Situation:


This client built a program in the Fulcrum platform to prepare its people to pass a high-stakes certification exam. To evaluate learning, they conducted pre-training and post-training tests that reflected the types questions learners would see on the certification exam.


Learning Outcomes:


Improved Mastery

After completing the course in Fulcrum’s Adaptive 3.0 learning platform, learners demonstrated an average improvement of 38% on their post-training test, compared to their pre-training scores. Some learners even moved from scores as low as 42% to scores of 100%.

More Confidence and Higher Pass Rates

What happens when learners engage in mastery experiences and witness improvements in performance as a result? Increased confidence – which in turn leads to accurate application in the real world. 

In fact, these knowledge and confidence gains led to a dramatic improvement in certification exam performance. In fact, learners had a 100% pass rate on the high-stakes certification exam after completing the course in Fulcrum’s platform.

User Satisfaction

Aside from their advances in learning, it was evident that learners found the new training engaging. Anonymous surveys were distributed, and learners were invited to share their initial response to the courseware after completing the course. 80.7% of learners reported positive reactions to their experience in the Fulcrum platform.


These learning outcomes demonstrate the power of our Adaptive 3.0 platform in its ability to propel learners toward mastery, improve application and performance and deliver an exceptional user experience.

If you want to see how our Adaptive 3.0 learning platform can impact the learning outcomes of your training programs, let’s connect. Schedule a short demonstration of our product, check out our video, read our recent article in Training Industry Magazine or email us directly with any questions you have and a member of our team will be happy to answer.


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