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Adaptive learning 3.0: Death, Taxes and Predictive AI

Nothing’s certain but death and taxes…so the saying…went. That’s because today, armed with AI and machine learning technology, death and taxes no longer corner the market on certainty. Companies are leveraging AI to predict things like...

Adaptive Learning 3.0: Beyond Branching & Algorithms

“How does your software adapt?” It’s a question we get asked all the time, and it implies the understanding that all adaptive learning systems are not created equal.

The Virtuous Circle of AI: Altering the Workforce, Driving New Training Demands & Delivering New Training Capabilities

You've probably seen a lot of news lately about how AI is on track to displace American workers. (For example, here, here and here.) But a new survey indicates that the role...

AI for Learning in 2018

AI is increasingly changing the way companies do business. According to a recent study from Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review: • 83% of...