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Fulcrum Labs Wins Four Brandon Hall Technology Excellence Awards

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This week, the Brandon Hall Group announced that Fulcrum Labs won four separate honors in its prestigious 2018 Technology Excellence Awards, bringing the company’s total Brandon Hall honors to 11, and giving Fulcrum its largest award recognition in a single competition to date. Fulcrum was awarded:

Gold: Best Advance in Technology for Testing or Learning Evaluation

Gold: Best Advance in Learning Management Measurement/Business Impact Tools

Silver: Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology

Silver: Best Advance in Performance Support Technology

The Brandon Hall Technology Excellence awards celebrate innovative solutions that combine creativity and technology to create new and better work experiences for businesses and their employees. Award participants range from large multinational corporations (e.g. Deloitte and McKesson) to Fortune 500 companies (e.g. Walmart, Verizon and GM) to emerging technology innovators, and competition is fierce. The judging panel of veteran industry experts, executives and analysts evaluates applicants based on each technology’s innovative and differentiating features, the problems it’s designed to solve and the measurable results the technology has been able to produce – both for organizations and individual users:

“Every Technology Award entry embodied a win-win proposition for employers and employees.”   Mike Cooke, CEO, Brandon Hall Group


Long-Term Partnership, Award-Winning Success

This is the third series of awards that Fulcrum has won with the Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM), a partnership now in its third year of collaboration. Previous awards have honored the measurable outcomes and life-changing impact of the Fulcrum-powered AIM test preparation program. This program was designed to help maximize the potential of aviation mechanic students preparing to sit for FAA certification exams, and produced dramatic results, like:

  • An average 14% increase in pass rates on FAA aircraft mechanics certifications as a result of Fulcrum’s prep course
  • A dramatic 25% increase in the number of students who chose to sit for the FAA mechanic certification exams due to improved confidence resulting from the Fulcrum platform
  • A 44% increase in number of mechanics obtaining certifications


Technology Excellence Awards 2018 Entry

With an eye to even greater gains, AIM and Fulcrum Labs have continued to build upon this initial success. It’s for this work that the companies were awarded these most recent Technology Excellence Awards, specifically for how the technology was able to:

Broaden Access & Student Engagement –

Based on performance increases for graduating students, AIM adjusted its training strategy to provide students access to Fulcrum’s training platform within the initial learning process (rather than strictly as an FAA test-prep tool for students after they completed all coursework). This new strategy allowed AIM students to build their confidence, master the FAA certification content, and transfer their practical knowledge to the theoretical questions on the written certification exams as they progress through the coursework – rather than just at the end of the two-year program. For students, this broadened access is was appealing. Just three months in to this new strategy, AIM has already seen a 190% increase in students in the platform.

Improve Student Experience –

Fulcrum is also taking the student experience into account. Through our feedback system, we’ve encouraged, collected and processed substantial student feedback. This feedback adds another critical dimension to our evolution. It helps us spot bugs, typos, erroneous questions and possible content gaps, so we can review and fix these problems quickly. It also helps us adapt our UI to better meet the wants and needs of students.

The success of the course, combined with the data collected, is creating new marketing opportunities to engage more students and increase word of mouth. The data is also increasing the strength of the Fulcrum Platform. As we collect more and more performance data from outside the platform (e.g. AIM and other partners) we’re able to feed it back into the platform and optimize our AI. This means that our system continually improves in its ability to deliver:

A precise one-on-one coach-like experience that helps learners develop stronger knowledge scaffolding and effectively fills knowledge gaps

Greater predictive capabilities so our partners, like AIM, experience fewer blindspots – both in terms of student behavior/retention and in terms of anticipated outcomes

Performance improvements, such as an increase the number of students passing certification tests on the first try

For more information about this award-winning entry, let’s connect. We’d love to share the full case example of our work with AIM. For a full winner’s list from this year’s Technology Excellence Awards, visit the Brandon Hall Awards website.


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