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Fulcrum Labs Shortlisted as “Top 30 Most Innovative Company”

Fulcrum Labs
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Fulcrum Labs’ AI-powered, adaptive platform has earned a spot on the shortlist for The CEO Views Magazine, “Top 30 Most Innovative Companies in 2019”.

To create this shortlist, CEO Views evaluated hundreds of fast-growing technology companies based on their ability to assist CIOs and technology decision makers in overcoming key challenges. Companies shortlisted represent some of the most agile, effective technology solutions in the marketplace.

“Fulcrum is always innovating. We’re constantly fine-tuning our platform and technology solutions to deliver the absolute best product possible and help our clients achieve their most critical goals and their L&D KPIs. And we’re pleased that the successes we’re achieving with clients is being recognized.”

-Patrick Weir, CEO Fulcrum Labs

So what are some of Fulcrum’s innovations that won it a spot on this years’ 30 Most Innovative Companies shortlist? Here are just three of the most innovative features of the Fulcrum platform:


Adaptive 3.0

The Fulcrum platform moves beyond traditional adaptive learning frameworks – e.g. branching or adaptive algorithms – to deliver the first Adaptive 3.0 learning solution. Our platform leverages cutting-edge AI to deliver real-time adaptations based on each user’s unique performance and dynamic, real-time behavioral metrics from our proprietary behavioral knowledge mapping technology (BKM). This not only improves the efficacy of learning and the user experience, but it also allows organizations to experience all the benefits of personalized, one-on-one learning at scale.

Also, because we’re founded on AI and machine learning, we’re able to overcome some of the challenges that have plagued previous eras of adaptive learning, like the adaptive loop of death, pre-set learner pathways and negative confidence building.

And everything we learn along the way gets funneled back into the system, so it’s constantly improving. Our 360° feedback loop means that the AI driving our platform gets smarter and more effective with every learner interaction. This enables better learning and knowledge application predications and provides CIOs, CDOs and L&D a richer, more comprehensive view of their workforce.


Learner Choice

Another feature that makes Fulcrum Labs one of the “30 Most Innovative Companies” is that it allows employees to assert control over their own experience. Unlike most other training platforms (and most other job responsibilities, for that matter), Fulcrum puts employees in the driver’s seat, empowering them to choose the what, how, when and where of their training. For example:

  • Employees can choose how they want to engage with the content through our multimodal feature – Read, Watch and Practice.
  • Employees can choose how they want to receive feedback through the show/hide hint option
  • Employees can select to receive memory boosters
  • Employees get prompts when they’re performing poorly that remind them to revisit the Read and/or Watch, and they can choose whether or not to follow these prompts
  • Employees see a learner dashboard with a “Pathway to Mastery” that allows them to quickly review and address weaknesses, if they so choose

Why does Fulcrum give learners all these opportunities to control their environment? Well, it turns out that learners, who have opportunities to assert control, self-direction and choice over their learning experience, are more intrinsically motivated, feel more competent, and even perform better. Research also shows that providing learners with choices enhances their attention and engagement, and can help deepen long-term memory consolidation.

Giving learners opportunities to make lost of choices in our platform also allows our AI-powered behavioral knowledge mapping capability to “do its thing”. (AKA: collect insights into learner’s thought patterns, perceptions, attitudes and aptitudes based on the choices they make within the learning environment.) This data can be used by the c-suite and learning leaders to make data-based projections about performance, productivity, employee retention and organizational culture – KPIs that have far-reaching, bottom-line impact. It also creates more of a self-contained system that requires fewer resources to shore up application-level mastery.


Actionable Data

What does AI and lots of learner choice net? Data – quantifiable metrics that verify the depth and degree of mastery, predict employees “at risk” of not being able to apply the training on the job and detail the who, where and why of training outcomes:

  • Who’s struggling
  • Where they’re struggling
  • Why they’re having difficulty

L&D teams can use this data to set up coaching/mentoring, design specific remediation programs and even fine tune course content. In fact, our data also analyzes the overall performance of the course and suggests content areas that need to be reviewed for improved efficacy. For example, the platform flags underperforming content in the instructor/administrator dashboard and suggests scoring and leveling fixes to help evolve the course. Having this data immediately available allows managers to take action as it’s needed – this not only improves the efficacy of the course, it also improves confidence in the course.

But our analytics aren’t just for the instructor or administrator. We also provide an analytics dashboard for the learner. Our learner dashboard comes complete with “My Pathway to Mastery” – a feature that identifies an individual’s areas of weakness and makes suggestions to help each employee self-remediate their own knowledge gaps (another example of how we offer employees more control).

These are just three of the reasons that Fulcrum Labs was shortlisted for “The 30 Most Innovative Companies 2019” award. To learn more about Fulcrum Labs, check our out short overview video, or let’s connect and set some time for a quick demo of our award-winning platform.