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Fulcrum Shortlisted One of 20 Most Promising EdTech Solutions in 2019

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CIO Review has shortlisted Fulcrum Labs for its seventh-annual showcase of edtech innovators to watch. Its “20 Most Promising Education Technology Solution Providers 2019” edition will highlight companies that are transforming the education market through advanced technology, data and learning science:

Smart mobile devices, social networking, virtual classrooms, identity management systems, faculty evaluation systems, data analytics and an array of educational technologies have taken education to new heights. Behind the scenes are a group of companies that are fueling this educational transformation through their innovative technological solutions. Fulcrum Labs has been a leader in this rapidly growing space, creating tremendous buzz.” – CIO Review

So what makes Fulcrum’s solution one of the “Most Promising EdTech Solutions in 2019”? Here are just two of the ways that Fulcrum’s technology is leading innovation:

AI-enabled adaptive learning

Fulcrum’s Adaptive 3.0 learning platform leverages AI to deliver real-time adaptations based on user performance and behavior, just like a one-on-one coach would. Additionally, AI enables our platform to overcome some of the challenges that have traditionally plagued adaptive learning platforms, including:


Measurable results

Our platform is focused on producing measurable results. This means upticks in engagement, improved learner performance and pass rates and increased confidence. For example, our partners using Fulcrum’s platform have experienced:

  • 38% knowledge gains
  • 60% reduction in on-the-job errors
  • 25% increase in engagement and continued learning as a result of boosted confidence
  • 81% positive student feedback

We’ve helped organizations reduce training times and costs, maintain compliance and even improve their reputations. And in a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation study of adaptive technologies, our platform was the only one able to demonstrably improve both learning outcomes and also increase course “satisfaction.”

If you’d like to see for yourself why Fulcrum was shortlisted as one of the Top 20 Most Promising EdTech Solutions in 2019 by CIO Review, let’s connect. Or check out the articles below to learn more about how we help turn students and employees into learners and  learners into confidence subject matter masters.

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