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Fulcrum Labs Shortlisted As Top AI Solution Provider for Third Time

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Education Technology Insights has shortlisted Fulcrum Labs for its Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers for the third year running based its peer learning approach to provide a renewed understanding of the latest innovations and technologies in the education industry.

Recognitions from a community of peers like this continues to validate the Fulcrum Labs approach and mission – to turn Students into Learners and turn Learners into Subject Matter Masters through a unique blend of AI, machine learning and data-science based predictive analytics.

Education Technology Insights recognized Fulcrum for our Adaptive 3.0 Learning platform – the first learning platform on the market that leverages AI, machine learning and its proprietary Behavior & Knowledge Mapping (BKM™) to adapt and personalize learning in real time, based on each learner’s unique understanding, confidence and knowledge needs.

As a result of our AI-powered approach, our partners have consistently been able to meet or exceed critical KPIs. For example, use of our platform has resulted in:

  • 55% reductions in training times
  • 59% reductions in on-the-job-errors
  • 38% knowledge gains

“Fulcrum’s personalized, adaptive training brings us the peace of mind that our employees have truly achieved mastery at every step of their training.” – Dr. Daniel McCoy, Chief Learning Officer

Additionally, the platform’s AI enables it to mimic the one-on-one learning environment and provide robust scaffolding that helps learners deeply master skills and builds their confidence in those skills – key factors in knowledge retention and future knowledge application.

“I had more confidence that I’d internalize the content given the quantity of review questions adapted to my understanding!” – Learner Survey Quote

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If you’re interested in seeing the difference that an AI-powered training platform can bring to your organization and the lives of your learners, we’re happy to give you a demonstration of our Adaptive 3.0 learning platform through the lens of your needs and goals.