Fulcrum Labs Recognized as Finalist for Record Five EdTech Digest Awards

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Last week, EdTech Digest announced the winners of its 2020 EdTech Digest awards, and Fulcrum Labs earned a finalist spot in a Fulcrum-record 5 categories:

  • Adaptive Technology Solution
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution
  • Test-Prep Solution
  • College Prep Solution
  • Product or Service Setting a Trend (workforce)

“The EdTech Awards salute all those on the front lines of help,” said Victor Rivero, Editor-in-Chief at EdTech Digest. “With an extraordinary shift to online learning, really acknowledging the innovators, leaders and trendsetters – particularly in our field – is more important than ever.”

As the largest recognition program in all of education technology in its 10th year, the EdTech Digest awards recognize companies in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.

Fulcrum Lab’s robust technology, learning analytics and content-agnostic design allows for an infinite range of application, as seen in its finalist status across these  five different categories. This is fourth consecutive year that EdTech Digest has recognized Fulcrum Labs. Some of the key features of Fulcrum’s platform include:

AI-Powered Adaptive Platform powered by BKM™

Fulcrum Labs is the industry innovator in Adaptive Learning 3.0. Our technology has moved beyond Adaptive 1.0 (basic branching/decision trees) and Adaptive 2.0 (advanced algorithms) to fully embrace the next era of adaptive learning that’s founded on artificial intelligence and data science – Adaptive 3.0.

To do so, we’ve developed proprietary Behavior & Knowledge Mapping (BKM™) technology. Whereas other learning platforms monitor and adapt based on learner performance only, Fulcrum’s BKM™ enables us to capture the other critical half of the equation – behavior.

Fulcrum’s Adaptive 3.0 learning platform monitors behavior (the choices that users make within the Fulcrum platform), along with their learning performance, to adjust learning content, hints, feedback and recommendations in real time. As a result, the platform is able to effectively mimic and scale the one-on-one learning experience – and more precisely target and adjust to the individual’s learning “sweet spot” (Optimal Challenge) based on both performance and behavior. This dramatically improves the amount of content that’s mastered, remembered and accurately applied.

Competency-Based Methodology

Within the Fulcrum platform, learners work at their own pace to master one microlearning Section at a time. This approach helps learners build strong cognitive scaffolding, which, in turn, boosts long-term retention and accurate recall of the learning. Our platform also provides the ability to “test out” of information they already know – saving valuable learning time (upwards of 50%) and helping to boost learner engagement. The competency-based platform also helps build up confidence, so learners are less likely to experience test anxiety and more likely feel assured in their knowledge and ability.

Confidence-Building Approach

Fulcrum’s platform helps develops confidence by giving learners lots of opportunities to practice and form mastery experiences, encouraging them to exert agency over their learning through self-remediation and prompting them to think through the answers on their own – offering helpful hints that lead in the right direction, rather than just proffering the correct answers. The platform also validates and celebrates learners when they’re performing exceptionally well or are on a “streak” of correct answers – further boosting confidence.

Data-Science-Based Predictive Analytics

The Fulcrum Platform also uses BKM™ to formulate predictions about future behavior and knowledge application – just like a one-on-one coach would. We gather data on over 30 key points, such as:

  • Learner Progress, including, where they are in the course and comparison of progress to their classmates
  • Time is measured in a number of ways, including time spent in course, time spent reading content, time spent watching videos and time spent on each activity that they’re presented. The platform also tracks how much time learners spend going back to reference material they are struggling with.
  • Performance is tracked to provide instructors and managers guidance as to which students are struggling with the materials
  • Assessment results are tracked towards mastery of content and is used to directly influence Fulcrum adaptability
  • Behavioral monitoring, when, for example, learners are struggling with Practice assessments, do they go back to the source material to shore up their mastery (either on their own or when nudged by the platform’s recommendations) or do they try to force their way through Practice?

From these data points, Fulcrum’s platform is assess the depth and degree of a learners mastery and confidence, then predict which learners are less likely to be able to apply the training back on the job, before they go back to work.

Outcomes-Driven Focus

Our outcomes-driven Adaptive 3.0 platform leverages AI, machine learning and BKM to deliver results like: 59% reductions in on-the-job errors, 55% reductions in training times, 25% increases in confidence and record-setting user satisfaction.

In addition to these EdTech Digest recognitions, Fulcrum Labs has also been awarded:

  • EdTech Digest’s 2018 Best Professional Skills Solution award and recognition as a finalist in EdTech Digest’s 2019 Cool Tool Awards
  • 19 consecutive Brandon Hall Awards over the past four years
  • CLO Magazine’s 2019 Gold Partnership Excellence Award 
  • The Association for Talent Development’s (ATD) prestigious Excellence in Practice Award 2019-2020 

Additionally, in a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation study, Fulcrum’s platform was the only adaptive system that demonstrably improved both learning outcomes and increased learner course satisfaction. 

“To have our peers in education review the successes we’ve had and recognize the work we’re doing to improve the lives of learners is further confirmation of the results we’re able to deliver for our partners,” said Patrick Weir, CEO of Fulcrum Labs. “We’re committed to continue our work in helping the edtech space evolve even more in terms of efficacy, efficiency, satisfaction and the ability to quantifiably measure outcomes.”

For more information about how Fulcrum Labs’ works with leading educational institutions, trade and vocational schools and corporate learning departments, let’s connect.