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The Confidence Crisis Infographic

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Confidence Crisis

Facing the Confidence Crisis:

American employees are experiencing a confidence crisis:

  • 74% of employees feel they aren’t achieving their potential at work.
  • 32% of workers are not confident in their ability to perform their jobs.
  • 35% of workers say they lack the education and training necessary to get ahead in their current job.
  • 20% have missed out on a promotion because of their lack of self-belief.

Adaptive Learning 3.0 Builds Skill Mastery and Confidence

Adaptive Learning 3.0 leverages AI and machine learning to build skill mastery and confidnece through techniques like:

As a result, Adaptive Learning 3.0 can deliver dramatic upticks to confidence and performance. For example, our clients have seen up to:

  • 25% increase in confidence
  • 38% improvement from pre-test to post-test
  • 60% improvement in on the job training application

And by building and boosting confidence levels among workers, Adaptive Learning 3.0 delivers a whole host of additional benefits like:

  • Improved Productivity
  • Higher Job Satisfaction
  • Better Problem Solving
  • Deeper Resilience

Ready to see how improving the skill confidence and mastery of your workforce can impact your bottom line and improve the productivity and performance of your workforce? Let’s connect!