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Fulcrum one of “30 Best Leaders to Watch in 2019”

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Fulcrum Labs has been shortlisted as one of this year’s 30 Best Leaders to Watch by Silicon Review Magazine, one of the most trusted sources of news and information for business leaders and professionals.

This “best leader” recognition is in part due to Fulcrum’s application of cutting edge AI and machine learning technology to the employee development/training and education markets. Indeed, Fulcrum is the one of the only solutions on the market that leverages complex AI technology to deliver intelligent learning and real-time adaptivity – which is all part of how we fulfill our mission of turning learners into confident subject matter masters.

This approach to adaptive learning is what we call, Adaptive 3.0, and it marks a significant departure from traditional adaptive learning delivery – both in terms of technology and efficacy.

“The Fulcrum solution moves beyond the previous iterations of learning software. Over the last five years, we’ve advanced the technology to deliver a more powerful learning experience and rise actionable data with Adaptive 3.0,” said Patrick Weir, CEO of Fulcrum Labs. “We appreciate that Silicon Review Magazine has recognized the difference that our innovative approach makes in the lives of the learners who use it and the bottom lines of the companies that deploy it. It opens the door to new conversations to help new partners and new learners.”

Want to learn more about Adaptive 3.0, or how Fulcrum’s platform helps companies…

…Achieve their learning goals with the greatest efficiency?

…Build skill mastery within their organizations?

…Reduce employee errors?

…Develop cultures of learning?

Assess training needs more efficiently?

Let’s connect. A short demo of our software will show you exactly how our system adapts and personalizes learning to deliver more efficient, effective training and development programs. Also, check out our quick overview video for an additional look at the Fulcrum Platform.


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