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Fulcrum Wins 3 Awards For Increasing LXP Engagement By Over 4X & Improving Course Performance with Providence St. Joseph Health

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Early 2019, Fulcrum Labs and Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) began an experiment. The goal: increase employee LXP engagement using Fulcrum’s Adaptive 3.0 learning platform.

PSJH had a new voluntary development program, Rise, within the Pathgather LXP (now Degreed). But it wasn’t getting the traction they had hoped for. PSJH’s hypothesis was that an adaptive learning course on how to use the Pathgather platform would increase engagement and encourage more learners to reap the benefits of Rise. So, they partnered with Fulcrum Labs to develop an Adaptive 3.0 solution that would build familiarity with Rise, encourage usage and help PSJH learners understand the value of the LXP system. To test out their hypothesis, PSJH launched the Fulcrum-powered How to Become a Power Rise User program in Q1 of 2019 as part of an A/B test where learners had the option to enroll in Fulcrum’s adaptive course or, alternatively, simply watch the same video content explaining the use/benefits of Rise.

At the end of the pilot, the results were dramatic. The more traditional approach – just watching videos – increased engagement by 70%, while Fulcrum’s adaptive learning course drove an astounding 416% increase in its Rise LXP engagement.

Figure 1: Demonstrates how Fulcrum Labs improved Rise engagement, with the post-Fulcrum usage in green and the post-traditional eLearning usage in blue.
Figure 2: Demonstrates the increase in total number of learner log-ins from 2.3% to 5.2%- a change of 123% (2a). More dramatically, when you separate out those that did not complete the Fulcrum course (blue line) from those that did complete it (green line) as shown in (1 and 2b), you see that those that took the Fulcrum course more than quadrupled their use of the Rise platform for a 416% increase in engagement. (Data and chart provided courtesy of PSJH)

“Fulcrum allows us to begin to drive a more personalized experience that our caregivers have never had access to in the past. With a more personalized experience- we can increase engagement, while allowing us to better understand the skills of our workforce now and in the future,” noted Providence St. Joseph Health CLO, Darci Hall

And, it wasn’t just the personalized, adaptive learning approach that boosted engagement and success. During the training, PSJH’s Instructional Design team monitored Fulcrum’s built-in “Content Performance analytics” to evaluate the performance of their learning program and identify issues. With only a few dozen learners through the course, Fulcrum’s platform had already identified six underperforming assessment questions, and it was providing actionable insights, such as the most common incorrect answers. PSJH’s Instructional Design team was able to quickly dive into Fulcrum’s CMS and make quick, meaningful fixes that resulted in significant performance gains.

Figure 1: Demonstrates how Fulcrum’s content analytics flag a problematic question; highlighted here is the ability to see the “Most Common Incorrect Answer” (Chart provided courtesy of PSJH.)

Figure 2: Demonstrates the uptick in performance the PSJH experienced on one question after making relevant content adjustments to improve efficacy. This question originally stated “Select ALL that apply”. Only 18% of learners answered the question correctly with that initial language. When revised to “Select THREE that apply”, over 71% answered it correctly. (Chart provided courtesy of PSJH.)

Essentially, Fulcrum’s content performance analytics tool made it easy for the PSJH L&D team to see what was working well, what needed fine-tuning and how learners were interacting with the content. Armed with this Content Performance data, PSJH was able to:

  • Improve Content Performance – revising identified problematic content increased content efficacy on the assessment-level, in some cases by 75%
  • Improve Learner Performance in the overall course – improving content in one area of the course increased overall learner performance across the entire course, by almost 10%
  • Improve Learner Perceptions – removing incorrect or confusing content elevated the entire learning experience for PSJH learners, building greater trust between the learning function and employees, leaving learners with the feeling that the course is credible, valuable and impactful  
  • Instructional Design Skills – seeing flagged content based on performance data allowed PSJH’s Instructional Design team to see, for example, structural weaknesses in assessment writing and gain greater skill, improving not only this course, but also future courses.

Figure 4: Demonstrates the content performance increases that PSJH experienced using Fulcrum’s content performance analytics to tweak and refine content. As you can see, there were, in some cases, upwards of 70% improvement to content performance as a result of Fulcrum’s approach.

“My eyes were opened to the business implications, new design considerations, and transformative ways their dashboards and analytics drive a personalized and adaptive learning experience,” said  Johnny Hamilton, Senior Design and Innovation Consultant, Talent Management and Learning for Providence St. Joseph Health

For their successful collaboration, the Business Intelligence Group named Fulcrum Labs and Providence St. Joseph Health as winners in its 2020 BIG Innovation Awards. This annual business awards program recognizes organizations, products and people that are bringing new ideas to life in innovative ways.

“The role of innovation is now pervasive in every industry and in every country,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “We are thrilled to be honoring this year’s winning executives, companies and products as they all have shown tremendous creativity, vision and passion to help improve our experiences and lives.”

Additionally, The Brandon Hall Group awarded the Fulcrum Labs and Providence St. Joseph’s Health (PSJH) collaboration two Excellence Awards:

Silver:  Best Advance in Content Management Technology

Bronze: Best Advance in Performance Support Technology

“These awards are validation of Fulcrum’s mission to turn students (and employees) into learners and turn learners into confidence subject matter masters. These successes are what drive us to continue our push to provide the most efficient, effective and best learning experience,” said Craig Joiner, Fulcrum’s SVP of Brand Experience.

What hypothesis are you trying to prove out? What training and learning experiments are you working on where Fulcrum’s outcomes-focused, KPI-delivering solution might make the difference? We’d love to show you our process and talk through any projects you might have coming up. Also, if you want to see more about Fulcrum’s past award wins, check out some of our previous award-winning entries below.