Fulcrum Shortlisted: 50 Leading Companies of the Year

Fulcrum Labs
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Outcomes-driven Fulcrum Labs has been shortlisted as one of the 50 Leading Companies of the Year for 2019 by Silicon Review Magazine – a trusted source of news and information for global business leaders, decision-makers, and professionals.

As part of the publication’s annual list, Silicon Review recognized Fulcrum for its commitment to providing innovative, bottom-line-impacting training solutions for the business community.

Fulcrum Labs is best known for its innovative Adaptive 3.0 Learning platform that leverages AI and machine learning to deliver dramatic advancements in training outcomes, employee performance and user experiences. Fulcrum, at its core, is a data science company and that has enabled the company to lead the industry in training data, predictions and readily actionable insights:

  • Verifying learner content mastery and confidence
  • Predicting who’s At-Risk (and why) of not applying their training on-the-job along with identifying those with the mastery and confidence to apply their training
  • Identifying training needs and gaps across the business unit or organization
  • Verifying the integrity of training content in order to continually improve course efficacy and efficiency

With Fulcrum embedded into their learning programs, companies across a wide range of industries have met and often exceeded their strategic goals, including:

  • 55% reduction in training times
  • 59% decrease in on-the-job errors
  • 25% boost in confidence
  • Record-setting user satisfaction of more than 91%
  • 416% rise in post-training engagement

“We’re an outcomes-driven technology,” said Patrick Weir, CEO of Fulcrum Labs. “We’re always looking for ways to improve the learning experience and learning outcomes for our clients, and it is nice to be recognized on this shortlist for those efforts.”

To learn more about how Fulcrum’s platform is improving learning outcomes and delivering innovation, or see more about what makes us one of the top 50 Leading Companies of the Year in 2019, let’s connect.