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Fulcrum Shortlisted for 50 Best Companies to Watch 2019

Fulcrum Labs
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Fulcrum Labs has been shortlisted as one of the 50 Best Companies to Watch 2019 by the Silicon Review Magazine – a trusted community for business & technology professionals that shares innovative enterprise solutions, products, technologies and technology trends.

As part of the publication’s annual 50 Best list, Silicon Review recognized Fulcrum for its innovative Adaptive 3.0 Learning platform that leverages AI and machine learning to deliver dramatic advancements in training outcomes, employee performance and user experiences. For example, with Fulcrum embedded into their learning programs, companies across a wide range of industries their partners have experienced results such as:

  • 55% reduction in training times
  • 59% decrease in on-the-job errors
  • 25% boost in confidence,
  • Record-setting user satisfaction of more than 91%

Another differentiator that led to Fulcrum’s shortlist inclusion is the platform’s game-changing use of data to optimize of course performance. (Fulcrum’s platform has been called “adaptive learning with a built-in data science team.”) As one example, Fulcrum’s AI reviews several key indicators to assess content performance. This content is highlighted in the platform’s user-friendly administrator dashboard, making it easy for administrators and instructional designers to see what’s working well, what needs fine-tuning and how learners are interacting with the content.

In the screenshot from the administrator dashboard “Content Performance” overview tab (seen above), the platform has identified and flagged 7 “Problematic” assessments for review, while confirming the efficacy of the other 41 assessments (24 Predictive + 17 Effective*) in the course. (Read more about how instructors and learning engineers can leverage this dashboard.)

Armed with this content performance data, Fulcrum’s partners have been able to improve:

  • Content Performance – by removing or editing problematic content, partners have seen statistically significant increases in course efficacy
  • Learner Performance in the overall course – by improving content in one area learners have also seen statistically significant increases in their overall performance; in one instance, with a shorter course, learners who saw the edited assessment improved by almost 10 percentage-points over those who were served the assessment flagged as “Problematic,” and the system’s AI eventually reclassified it as “Effective.”
  • Learner Perceptions – Removing incorrect or confusing content elevates the entire learning experience and trust, leaving learners to feel that the course is credible, valuable and impactful.  

“We’re an outcomes-driven technology,” said Patrick Weir, CEO of Fulcrum Labs. “We’re always looking for ways to improve the learning experience and learning outcomes for our clients, and to be recognized on this shortlist for those efforts is very rewarding.”

To learn more about how Fulcrum’s platform is improving learning outcomes, content performance, and delivering innovation that makes it one of the top 50 companies to watch for 2019, let’s connect or check out our short overview video.

*NOTE: We categorize assessment performance in the following way:

  • Predictive questions are those that indicate strong correlation of how a specific learner will perform in the course depending on whether they get it correct or incorrect
  • Effective questions are those that are performing exactly the way the Instructional Designer had designed it.
  • Problematic questions are those that learners, across the board, are having difficulty answering.