The CLO Outlook for 2018 is Optimistic

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Last week, CLO Magazine released the results of its 2017 Business Intelligence Board survey. The survey findings demonstrate a broad feeling of hopefulness for L&D in 2018 from the more than 1,500 CLO participants. In fact:

“…a majority (59 percent) of CLOs say their outlook for 2018 is more optimistic than 2017.”

What’s driving this optimistic outlook? Across the board, CLOs are feeling confident in the results of their investments and the work they’re doing to make the case for learning as a core asset to successful business operation. As a result, they expect continued improvements and positive movement in a number of core talent areas.

Two key areas for continued improvement are new training techniques and emerging technologies. In fact, nearly 80 percent expect to adopt new training techniques. And additional 63 percent expect their blend of modalities to change.

“New and emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality are finding their way into the marketplace. And the continued shift of workplace demographics to younger, digitally native workers with high expectations for learning and career development has upped the ante for enterprise learning functions.”

How CLOs can Leverage A.I. to Improve Learning

As a provider of A.I.-driven learning software, we’re excited that CLOs are looking to embrace this technology. We’ve seen first hand how adaptive technology can improve learning offerings and more effectively deliver against company business objectives. For example, through our adaptive training technology, our clients have experienced:

  • 55% reduction in training times and 59.8% decline in costly on-the-job errors[1]
  • 38% improvement in knowledge gains by pilots resulting in a 100% pass rate on FAA exams
  • 9% increase in pass rates on critical FAA written exams

These data points underscore how adaptive training can supports an organization’s primary business objective, and help organizations experience less financial waste and a stronger bottom line.

If you are a CLO who’s optimistic about L&D in 2018, and looking to improve your learning offerings through adaptive learning technology, we’d love to connect. Or you can find out more about our adaptive approach by watching our short video.

[1] Decline in Ground Service Equipment Damage