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ROI of Learning Infographic

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What’s the ROI of your learning programs? If this is a question you’re hearing from your CEO, you’re not alone. Check out our new infographic below to see how learning departments stack up when it comes to delivering the data that the C-suite wants to see most:

ROI of learning

Now, let’s break down these stats a bit more…


CEO’s Don’t See the Business Impact of L&D

According to LinkedIn’s 2017 Workplace Learning Report, 92% of CEOs don’t see the business impact of L&D programs, and just 4% see the ROI. Perhaps that’s why just 60% of CLOs say they have a “seat at the table” with the c-suite.


L&D Doesn’t Always Measure ROI

Why are CEOs expressing this level of frustration with L&D outcomes? Often, it’s because L&D departments struggle to measure the ROI of learning, its business impact and the long-term productivity gains of their programs. There are a lot of reasons for this, ranging from insufficient resources to learning tools that aren’t advanced enough help L&D to tie learning to business outcomes. In fact, only 13% of CEOs say their organizations calculate the quantifiable ROI of learning, and one in five say they do not measure the impact of learning programs at all.


So What IS L&D Measuring?

For those who do measure learning, what are they analyzing? L&D data analysis breaks down like this:

  • 80% of organizations measure learner reaction
  • 49% of organizations measure learning via pre/post training evaluations
  • 25% of organizations measure knowledge application via management evaluations
  • 7% of organizations measure results/ROI of learning programs

For practitioners who are struggling just to determine what their people learned, demonstrating the link between learning gains and business impact/ROI might feel out of the realm of possibilities.


L&D Needs Better Evaluation Tools 

But it doesn’t have to be this way…and L&D is already looking for solutions to address their data science skills gap. Today, up to 96% of L&D teams say they’re searching for ways to improve data gathering and analysis. Learning departments know that they have to get serious about quantifiably measuring the ROI of their training initiatives. One tool that can help is adaptive learning – more specifically Adaptive learning 3.0.


Fulcrum’s Adaptive Learning 3.0 Data Advantage

Fulcrum’s personalized, adaptive learning platform leverages AI and machine learning (the hallmarks of Adaptive 3.0) to help L&D departments drive more effective learning and capture richer, more insightful data. For example, our platform is proven to deliver learning outcomes like:

  • 25% increase in confidence
  • 60% reduction in errors
  • 55% reduction in training times
  • 38% improvement in knowledge gains

And it also delivers the hard-hitting, quantifiable data that helps L&D departments verify mastery, find gaps, identify needs, boost skills and realize critical KPIs – all of which can be directly linked to ROI and business impact (aka: performance and productivity).

So, what’s the ROI of your learning? If you’re ready to measure how well your training programs are working, and the impact they’re bringing to your organization’s bottom line, let’s connect. Contact us to schedule a demo of our Adaptive 3.0 learning platform, or check out our video to see how we turn learners into confident, subject matter masters.