Reduce your Scrap Learning

How Much Is Scrap Learning Costing Your Organization?

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Scrap Learning. It’s training that’s delivered but not applied in a work setting. And it’s one of the largest obstacles facing corporate training. Studies show that up to 80-85% of learning is classified as Scrap Learning. When you see these kinds of statistics and even roughly calculate the waste, you realize it’s a formidable challenge.

Reducing Scrap Learning should be a part of your overall training strategy. And you should be asking potential training partners: How can you help us reduce Scrap Learning?

A competency-based approach that lets students master the material at their own pace is a good start. But you also want to be sure that your employees aren’t just becoming masters at remembering. They should be mastering the application of the procedures and concepts.

We’re happy to report that some of our students note, with surprise: “This assessment question definitely wasn’t covered in the training.” And they’re right. The platform is giving them new opportunities and challenges to apply the material they’ve learned in situations beyond the examples given in their studies. This boosts on-the-job application and reduces Scrap Learning. And our learning platform is also providing a powerful data set on the depth and degree to which each concept is mastered to help companies predict and prevent any knowledge gaps that could potentially lead to application risks.

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