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Moneyball for L&D: Improve Your Team with Enhanced Learner Data

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Can we leverage data to find undervalued talent, build a championship-caliber team and change the game? That’s what Billy Beane, manager of the 2002 Oakland A’s, and his team ask in Moneyball – a story about re-defining what takes to build a winning baseball team… with a limited budget.

Moneyball for L&D


While Moneyball is about baseball, its overall theme is one that’s perfectly applicable to business as well. The notion of leveraging personnel data to assess “players”, predict future performance and identify opportunities for improvement is incredibly relevant for organizations today as they seek out every possible competitive advantage without increasing their spend.

The great news is that L&D departments have more metrics to assess “players” than ever before. Today’s learning technologies don’t just aggregate right and wrong answers. They capture every click a learner makes, monitor learner engagement and even predict future outcomes based on machine learning.

For example, our AI-driven analytics provide deep insights into learner knowledge and predict future application. We can tell L&D departments:

  • Where learners might fail and why
  • Who won’t be able to apply the training back on the job
  • Who’s destined to be a high performer
  • When learners will begin to forget the training, and more

And now we’re making it even easier for companies to assess their “players”.

Introducing Fulcrum Snapshot


Our new “Fulcrum Snapshot” product allows organizations to harness the power of our AI-driven predictive analytics technology without having to first develop a comprehensive learning program. Fulcrum Snapshot empowers L&D departments to take a “snapshot” assessment of all their learners and pinpoint what each individual knows down to a single competency or skill. Customers can then overlay this data with their Performance Management systems and/or informal learning systems to get an even more informed picture from their learner data.

So just as Moneyball used sabermetrics to evaluate and compare the performance of individual players, L&D can leverage Fulcrum Snapshot to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, interests and predispositions of individual employees and the team as a whole.


With this snapshot, L&D can quickly tell who the “all stars” are and who needs to be sent back to the minors. They can tell who’s ready to take the field and who’s at risk of an unforced error. And because Fulcrum Assess highlights both primary skills, as well as secondary and even tertiary skills, L&D can begin to identify new possibilities and opportunities for employees based on their interests and natural inclinations. For example, an employee might exhibit a previously unknown proficiency in a completely different field than they’re working in. Armed with this intel, and L&D professional can help guide this employee toward a more relevant, personally fulfilling career path.

Additionally, Fulcrum Snapshot helps L&D identify and target content and curriculum gaps and weaknesses. This allows L&D to fine tune course content and ensure knowledge gaps are accurately being remediated – enhancing skills and improving accuracy of knowledge application.

Likewise, Fulcrum Snapshot can even assess how your current learning system (e.g. LMS) is performing and whether it’s delivering on its perceived value or hindering your L&D strategic objectives, all together.


How is your organization leveraging learner data to evaluate talent and find opportunities for improvement?


If you’re interested in learning more about how Fulcrum can help your organization re-imagine learner data to build a championship-caliber team of employees, let’s connect.