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Fulcrum Labs Wins THREE Brandon Hall’s HCM Excellence Awards

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Brandon Hall Group announced that Fulcrum Labs won three separate honors in its prestigious 2018 HCM Excellence Awards:

Gold: Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy

Gold: Best Results of a Learning Program

Silver: Best Advance in Competencies and Skill Development

The awards celebrate organizations that solved critical business needs and were able to show significant, measureable results on KPI by successfully deploying human capital management programs, strategies, processes, systems, and tools that have achieved dramatic measurable results:

“HCM Excellence Awards winners personify innovation that drives business results,” said Rachel Cooke, COO of Brandon Hall Group.

Fulcrum won these HCM Excellence Awards for a training and certification test preparation program that produced significant results, like:

  • An average 14% increase in pass rates
  • A dramatic 25% increase in the number of students who chose to sit for the career-critical certification exams due to improved confidence resulting from the Fulcrum platform
  • A significant uptick in partner certification program enrollments

“Over the course of the two-year training program, students often struggle to retain everything they learned at the beginning of the program in order to pass the exam. The new review course is a three-week program that has resulted in a higher rate of exam participation (demonstrating a higher level of learner confidence) and an increase in exam pass rate from 79 percent to 90 percent.” 

– Joel English, VP, Aviation Institute of Maintenance

With an eye to even greater gains, we’re already working to improve future results of this program. Armed with new data and opportunities, we’re making continual refinements that will drive both better student and business outcomes. These data-informed improvements include:

ContentBased on the feedback from Fulcrum’s analytics, instructors have been able to assess the efficacy of content and adjust questions, and learning objectives to better serve student knowledge needs.

DeliveryThe dramatic learning outcomes and business impacts that our adaptive, personalized platform was able to deliver in the first year of this program prompted our partner to reconsider its entire coursework strategy. As such, this partner is now leveraging Fulcrum’s platform much earlier in the student experience (rather than just as a post-program prep tool). Based on the results, the company believes this new strategy will help its students achieve more comprehensive, lasting subject-matter mastery and have greater confidence in their ability to remember and apply their learning in the long term.

New Market OpportunitiesOur partner is also tracking a new phenomenon: in addition to pursuing traditional certification avenues, some graduates are being hired in different industries that offer the same level of pay and benefits. This development is skewing the data for how our partner measures success and provides them with a further impetus to implement our platform more fully within its program, rather than just as an exam preparation tool.

We’re also using data to increase the strength of the Fulcrum Platform. As we collect more and more performance data from outside the platform (e.g. from our partners) we’re able to feed it back into the platform and optimize our AI. As a result, our platform gets smarter about user behavior, learning paths and even content efficacy, and can, in turn, make better recommendations, adaptations and predictions.

While we take great pride in the results and the awards, we’re excited by the fact that we have not nearly maxed out the potential of our partnership or the potential of the platform for this training. As we continue collecting and feeding external results data back into our platform’s artificial intelligence to fine tune its performance we expect to see even greater results.

“We’re dedicated to improving outcomes, so we’re quite pleased with the dramatic results we’re seeing,” said Patrick Weir, CEO of Fulcrum Labs. “Equipping people with the skills they need to perform their jobs with accuracy, integrity and confidence is a key tenet of our corporate philosophy and something we strive to do within every client engagement.”

For more information about this award-winning entry, or how we might help you achieve your training goals or a demo, contact us. We’re happy to help, and we love a challenge.


*Brandon Hall HCM Excellence Awards Winner List

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