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This week, Chief Learning Officer (CLO) magazine announced the winners of its 14th annual Learning in Practice Awards. The awards recognize learning leaders and provider companies who have demonstrated excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs.

We’re proud to share that we won bronze in the Excellence in Partnership category for our Stations training program with Allegiant Airlines, which was launched in January of 2017. This program is just one component of a much larger training partnership that includes pilot, maintenance, dispatch and inflight training.

This award underscores Fulcrum’s dedication to building strong client relationships. “We take great pride in the fact that our clients frequently tell us that we are excellent partners. Winning this award for partnerships from CLO further validates our commitment,” noted Patrick Weir, Fulcrum Labs CEO.

The highlights below describe our partnership with Allegiant Air’s Stations division:


Allegiant Air is one of the fastest growing regional airlines in the United States. As it expands, its ground operations crew – known at Allegiant as its Stations division – is becoming more mission critical than ever before.

Despite their vital function, training these employees has traditionally been challenging because they are:

  • Geographically distributed – across 120 airports in the Continental United States and Hawai’i
  • Responsible for a wide variety of functions – some that require specialized skills and qualifications and have high-risk outcomes
  • Not full-time employees – approximately 95% are part time; 90% are contractors
  • At risk of high turnover – as much as an 80% turnover rate per year

To respond to these challenges, Allegiant needed a new training approach that could handle a constant influx of new agents. They also needed a way to effectively manage the recurrent yearly training each agent is required to undergo in order to stay compliant. Finally, Allegiant needed a standardized solution to help it onboard agents quickly (within 60 days) and provide them with a solid understanding of safety imperative and relevant regulations.


Allegiant teamed with Fulcrum Labs to create an adaptive, personalized curriculum to address training challenges of its Stations employees.

Set Up

We began by conducting a focus group with stakeholders from across Allegiant’s Stations network to understand the existing challenges, where there were gaps in the training and what could be done to make the entire process more efficient.


From there, we worked closely with Allegiant to design and develop the training program. First, Allegiant helped our curriculum developers write an outline and create measurable learning objectives that aligned with the purpose of the program. Then, Allegiant’s Stations trainers acted as subject matter experts and worked closely with our instructional designers in designing the content. Using our microlearning format, we chunked the content into easy-to-digest sections. This made it easier for Stations employees to learn the information. It also gave Stations employees greater flexibility – making it easier to fit the training into their schedule.


We implemented the new program in a phased approach. We launched first with Allegiant’s existing workforce as part of its annual recurrent training. This allowed the network to experience and understand the new program, which in turn enabled them to support it when it was rolled out to new hires as they came on board.


“Fulcrum’s personalized, adaptive training brings us the peace of mind that our employees have truly achieved mastery at every step of their training. It also gives us the analytics we need to be more effective and efficient in our training approach.”

-Daniel McCoy, PhD. CLO, Allegiant Travel Co.


Through this partnership, we designed an adaptive learning program that is more efficient, effective, enjoyable and thorough. For the first time, Allegiant Stations training is:

  • Fully Scalable – Across a diverse and geographically disparate employee set, we enabled implementation of a thorough 22- course curriculum with nearly 43,000 enrollments.
  • Fully Personalized – This program allowed Allegiant to personalize learning, just like a dedicated tutor would, and verify mastery of competencies across a large number of learners and multiple courses.
  • Actionable Data Analytics – This program provided Allegiant a deep trove of data and insights that:
    • Verified the depth and degree of mastery for each learner
    • Predicted those learners who are at-risk of not applying the training
    • Offered insights and recommendations to improve course efficiency and efficacy

Business Impacts

To date, approximately 7,600 new and existing Stations personnel have completed training within the Fulcrum Labs technology. Here are just some of the results that Allegiant has experienced to date:

Decreased Training Times

Allegiant experienced a dramatic decrease in program completion times – from an average of 51 days prior to incorporating Fulcrum’s adaptive technology to an average of 23 days after incorporating it. That’s a 55% improvement.

Reduction in Errors

Significant year-over-year reduction in employee on-the job errors and mistakes in specifically-targeted competency areas, like:

Damage to Ground Service Equipment

Fulcrum’s technology helped Allegiant experience a 59.8% decline in instances of damage to ground service equipment (GSE) – from .36 to .15 instances (out of 1000 flights per month) on average. For the first time in recorded company history, Allegiant experienced three full months with zero incidents:

Reduction in Training Costs

Because the curriculum has been so effective, Allegiant Air decided to remotely train the majority of its employees. By moving its Stations training online, Allegiant is able to forego spending on expensive instructors. And, Allegiant is also able to train Stations employees on demand, rather than having to wait to “fill the training class.”

While we (and Allegiant) are pleased with these results so far, due to the design of our platform, as more time passes and more learners progress through our system, we’ll make even bigger strides together. We’ll continue to reduce training times and improve on the job performance by increasing the confidence and knowledge of Stations employees. And we’ll continue to build on the strong partnership we’ve already established with Allegiant. Want to learn more about how Fulcrum Labs partners with organizations to improve their training and impact business outcomes? Check out the video tour of our Personalized, Adaptive Learning & Predictive Analytics, PALPA™.